Holography is three-dimensional laser photography. The Hologram is a true, three-dimensional record of the original object. It contains depth and parallax, which is the ability to see around the object to objects placed behind.

The word, Hologram is composed of the Greek terms, "holos" for "whole view"; and gram, meaning "written". A Hologram is a three-dimensional record of the positive interference of laser light waves. A technical term for holography is wavefront reconstruction. In holography, we record the positive interference of matching wavefronts of laser light. This three-dimensional record is formed as a diffraction pattern; a series of very fine lines, or concentric circles. This diffraction grating bends the viewing light back onto the path of the original recording wavefronts of laser light. The three-dimensional version of the object - the Hologram - is reconstructed as light.

Worldwide, counterfeiters rob almost US$ 300 Billion of legitimate business turnover! This is a seriously threatening issue - while the counterfeit product absorbs your goodwill, it passes on its own shortcomings to your products. The results can be disastrous. Several deaths (of people and brands) have been reported due to a counterfeit product.

The very concept of Hologram has emerged from the need to have a mark of authentication that is simple enough to be identified by even an untrained or illiterate eye, and yet sophisticated enough to make it near impossible to be duplicated or replicated. A Hologram is the culmination of several processes involving physical, chemical and artistic inputs. The extremely high level of technology that goes into its manufacture coupled with the exclusivity of the technology makes it far beyond the reach of a counterfeiter.


Uniqueness of a Hologram

Uniqueness is inherent in the very process of Holographic Recording. If the same holographer but at two different point of time or if two different holographers but at the same point of time, were to carry out holographic recording from " the positive" of each layer, minute examination will reveal subtle differences between the two versions of the same Hologram created by them. Thus it is impossible to make an exact replica of the Hologram and therefore it is regarded as virtually impossible to replicate.

A Hologram is the "Interference Pattern" on the photosensitive coating on the surface of the glass plate created by the interaction of two beams of coherent light from a laser. Each time a holographic recording is undertaken, there will be subtle variations in the above referred "Interference Pattern", making such pattern unique . Thus, uniqueness is inherent in the very process of holographic recording. It is not possible to make an exact same replica of a Hologram and hence it is regarded as virtually impossible to replicate .

A special chemical coating known as Temper-Evident Coating on the Base Polyester Film imparts an additional security feature to the Hologram, to detect any attempt at its unauthorized removal from the surface of a product or of its packaging or of a document. To increase more security, we can make Lable with 'VOID', 'ORIGINAL' Parttern Released Hologram Temper-Evident

Additional Security Features other than Holographic Features which can be incorporated in the Hologram


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